Surging Economy Sets Tone for Bargaining

Negotiations for successor MOU’s between AEA, AMSP, and CAMP, IFPTE Local 21, and the City of San Jose will commence May 7. The up-coming negotiationswill pro-vide an opportunity for the City to set a new direction in labor relations.

Painful concessions, salary reductions, growing retirement insecurity and hurtful political attacks have left City government battered and frayed and unable to marshal the resources and expertise to turns things around. Mis-guided policies and the scapegoating of public employees has led to an exodus of talented and committed personnel and a growing brain drain.

This brain drain is the product of reduced compensation and pay. A recently complet-ed class and compensation study vividly demonstrates the erosion in pay and bene-fits suffered by our Members. The survey of pay and com-pensation standards in munic-ipalities around the Bay Area reveals just how far we have fallen behind. The chart on Page 2 illustrates how the pay structure for various classifications in San Jose compare to similar positions in other municipalities. The numbers are quite simply startling. In the upcoming weeks we will be reviewing and high-lighting data that will shed light on the deterioration in pay and compensation of our Members, economic fore-casts, and the City’s budget outlook and revenue projections.

Here is the full PDF version SJ Bargaining Bulletin 4.25.14

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