City Faces Critical Juncture, MOU Bargaining

With our current MOUs set to expire on June 30, AEA, AMSP, and CAMP IFPTE Local 21 sent notice to the City April 3 requesting that we commence negotiations. On that same day, the City received similar requests from AFSCME MEF and CEO, IBEW, OE3 and ALP. The MOUs for those Bargaining Units also expire on June 30. In the background, the Mayor-al and City Council election primaries will provide a win-dow into the political winds that will shape employment relations in the City for years to come. This critical juncture must also be the springtime of our discontent.

The painful concessions, salary reductions, growing retirement insecurity and vindictive and hurtful political attacks have left City government battered and frayed and unable to marshal the resources and expertise to turns things around. The signs of a city in distress are every-where: in surging crime rates, rising emergency response times, unfilled pot-holes, darkened street lamps, reduced library hours, deterioration of our parks, etc.

Fortunately these negotia-tions come amidst an improv-ing economy and with the City’s fiscal outlook also im-proving. The recent POA settlement demonstrated that the City can take re-sponsible steps towards re-storing lost pay and working constructively together with City employees to address the City’s needs.

The upcoming weeks will be busy with a calendar full of activity. In preparations for these negotiations we have held several strategy meetings to put together the re-sources and plans to get our message out. Our research is bringing into stark relief the deterioration in pay and compensation suffered by Members in recent years. In addition, we will soon launch a website designed to pro-vide a resource for information and organizing.

These, and other tools, will help us press our case for fair and equitable treat-ment and compensation.

To View the full PDF, click here: SJ Bargaining Bulletin 4.11.14


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