Former San Jose Councilmember and Billionaire File Lawsuit Against Negotiated Measure B Settlement

The following message went out today to Local 21 Members from Local 21 Interim San Jose Rep Michael Seville, Esq.:


I wanted to update you on some breaking news regarding today’s attack on the Measure B Settlement Agreement we reached late last year. While most of you are painfully aware of the devastating impacts that Measure B has had on the City, its workforce, and its residents, apparently there are some people that either are not informed of the negative impacts or simply do not care.

Unfortunately, the constant attack on workers which we are seeing play out across the country has once again surfaced in San Jose and threatens our attempts to move the City forward. Today, former City Council member Pete Constant, along with conservative billionaire Charles Munger, Jr., filed a lawsuit attempting to derail our collective efforts to nullify Measure B.

One thing is certain – the attempt by those who wish to bring harm to our Members will not be taken lightly. We prevailed in court and that court order was founded on solid legal ground, and we will continue to ensure that our Members’ rights are protected and that the Measure B Settlement Agreement we reached with the City is enacted.

We met today with the City Manager’s Office to discuss the latest developments and we believe that our agreement is sound and we will honor the agreement. The City has pledged to do so as well.

Here is a link to the Mercury News story covering the lawsuit filed today.

We will keep you updated as we continue to defend your rights.




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