Measure B Declared Null and Void

This morning, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Beth McGowen announced that she approved and signed the Police Officers Association’s Order and Final Judgment in the quo warranto action which declares Measure B null and void.

In addition, Judge McGowen denied an application to intervene filed last month by former San Jose City Councilman Pete Constant and the Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association (financed by billionaire Charles Munger Jr.).

Measure B, approved by San Jose voters in June 2012, was an illegal attempt to impose Draconian cuts to public employee retirement benefits.  Judge McGowen agreed that the City failed to properly negotiate with worker unions over Measure B.

It has been a very long and painful road we have embarked upon together in our fight against Measure B and its destructive effects on the City of San Jose. But this major development means that Measure B will be removed from the books. This is a major victory for all the litigant Unions and our Leaders who have spent countless hours over the past couple of years resolving this ill-conceived attack on public employees.

This is also a major rebuke to former Mayor Chuck Reed and his political and financial attacks on working men and women of this City. While he continues to push is anti-worker agenda through the State and elsewhere, this victory for our Union, and this City, should show everyone that he stands for divisive and baseless ideologies.

While this is a major victory, we still have significant issues to resolve, including working through new City ordinances that will officially replace the Measure B language, as well as moving the retiree medical VEBA (Voluntary Employee Benefit Account) benefit to its inception. In addition, Reed and his cronies will likely take even more baseless attempts to undue our agreement, but in the end, we know the law is on our side.

Here’s the Mercury News story on today’s court hearing.




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