Retirement Benefits ARE NOT Crowding Out Public Services

Add this to your collection of talking points for when neighbors, friends and family ask about public sector benefits:

A great op-ed in the Sacramento Bee about employee benefits and City services reminds pension foes that providing services requires people.  And those people forgo salary increases to have a strong, stable retirement.  AND most of those workers contribute toward that pension.

Author Brian Rice points out, “When we pay retired workers a pension, they don’t stick that money in a mattress. They spend it on housing, food, gasoline, other necessities, gifts for the grandkids and more – which drives economic activity, creates jobs and increases tax revenues.”   Those revenues in turn help fund local governments, he argues.

Though the national, state and local economies are improving, attacks on pensions will undoubtedly, and unfortunately, continue.  It’s important to remind voters and taxpayers of the true nature of public service.

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