Visionary Volunteers

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The numbers are in!   Though ballots are still being counted in one San Jose City Council race, we’ve tallied our Local 21 Members’ hard work talking to voters about our candidates.  Thank you to everyone who volunteered and helped recruit volunteers for the June Primary.  Forty-three volunteers completed 48 shifts. We had Members talk to voters in Vietnamese, Mandarin and Punjabi; one L21 Staffer helped turn in a voter’s absentee ballot on election day; we even had former L21 Members phone bank!

And we had wild success!  Of our priorities in the South Bay, we were victorious in four of five races.  And congrats to former AMSP Member Dan Keller and ES Member Ben Chen for winning the $200 gift cards.

Thank you to our many volunteers:

Katherine Brown
Pete Testa
Kwong Yew Yap
Nic Lagman
Brad Fox
Ron Chan
Nadia Naum-Stoian
Du Lam
Peng Li
Steve Pagan
David Printy
Hoki Tse
Medi Sinaki
Jessica Zadeh
Jake Custodio
Tala Fatolahzadeh
Sim Ong

Dan Keller
Jeb Welsh

Cathy Hoang-Mendoza
Julie Jennings
Mark Brogan
Linden Skjeie

Pari Khosravian
Marisela Benitez
Judy Nam
Barton Ching
Ben Chen
Tin Lin
John Pfister
Johanna Castro

Mike Duffy
Louisa Mendoza
John Brosnan
Frank Fung

Paul Pascoal
Roy Cabaltera
Ananth Prasad
Ermias Gizaw

Manjit Khalsa
Erica Casillas
James Esoimeme
Raj Sehdev

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