Pension Reform Settlement Measure F Campaign Hits High Gear

‘The November 8 ballot provides an opportunity to plunge a stake into the blood-sucking vampire that is 2012’s Measure B.

After years of lawsuits and Union victories in the courts and in front of the Public Employment Relations Board, Labor negotiated a settlement with the City of San Jose over Measure B’s reforms to retirement benefits.  This includes compromises on disability retirement, pension calculations and supplemental payments.  The settlement framework is on the November 8 ballot, this time called Measure F.  The initiative is supported by a wide coalition including City Council, former Mayor and pension “reformer” Chuck Reed, police chiefs, Labor, the Mercury News and Chamber of Commerce.

Help Local 21 get the word out to San Jose voters that we support this important compromise.  YES on MEASURE F. Measure F will help us move our community forward. After years of battles over pension reform, Measure F will provide the long-term framework to allow us to invest in all City services, including public safety; recruit and retain City employees; and lock in important savings for taxpayers.

Here’s what you can do:

Thank you for your help.  Let’s make sure our Local 21 Members, family, friends and neighbors know how important Measure F is and how to Fix San Jose!

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