Vibrant Volunteers

Vote-by-mail ballots are hitting mailboxes and the November General campaigns are in full gear.  Labor has 24 days left to contact 120,000 voters who can win the San Jose City Council races.

Local 21 volunteers have turned out in force.  They also have great stories — from the Morrows (he an AMSP Member, she an AFSCME member) phone banking on date night, to AMSP retiree Morris Ridgeway walking for his former coworkers, to an ES Member who called a supporter who was at AT&T Park for a Giants playoff game, it’s been a great atmosphere of making a difference.

Thank you to our volunteers so far, listed below.  Next Local 21 volunteer opportunity: TUESDAY, October 18, phone banking, stop by anytime between 5:30 and 8:30 p.m., South Bay Labor Council, 2102 Almaden Road, San Jose.

September 20, phone banking,  AMSP night

Jeb Welsh, AMSP
Steve Contreras, AMSP
Andre Morrow, AMSP, + Momi Morrow, AFSCME

September 27, phone banking, AEA night

Jagdish Dadhania, TAEA
Hoki Tse, AEA
Steve Pagan, AEA
Jessica Zadeh, AEA
Sina Hooshdar, AEA
Gordana Sabatelli, AEA

October 4, phone banking

Harry Yip, TAEA

October 8, precinct walking

Nadia Noam-Stoain, AEA
Du Lam, AEA
Brad Fox, AEA
Morris Ridgeway, AMSP Retiree

October 11, phone banking, ES, PMA, SCCEAA night

Linden Skjeie, CAMP
John Pfister, ES
Bruce Cabral, PMA
Barton Ching, ES
Paul Pascoal, SCCEAA
Faranak Mahdavi, SCCEAA
Mark Muser, AMSP
John Tucker, AFSCME

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