Superhero Volunteers

We had the couple come on date night to call voters together.  We had a Member call his brother-in-law (yes, he’s supporting our candidates!).  One retired Member walked precincts TWICE!  One Member brought his retired wife to phone banking.  We’ve convinced upwards of 20 voters to support our candidates each #21Tuesday at phone banking.

Let’s finish strong this campaign and get people to the polls. Next Local 21 volunteering event: TONIGHT, phone banking, stop by anytime between 5:30 and 8:30 p.m., South Bay Labor Council, 2102 Almaden Road, San Jose.

And a big thank you to our volunteer so far:

Hoki Tse
Steve Pagan
Jessica Zadeh
Sina Hooshdar
Gordana Sabatelli
Nadia Noam-Stoain
Du Lam
Brad Fox
Medi Sinaki
Laura Wada
Kyle Tanhueco
David McCormic
Mario Sigala

Jeb Welsh
Steve Contreras
Andre Morrow + Momi
Morris Ridgeway, retiree
Mark Muser
Randy Adams + Gwen Parker, retired AFSCME

Andrea Case + daughter
Linden Skjeie
Dave Mitchell
Pat Kelly
Julie Jennings
Peter Bennett
Cathy Hoang-Mendoza
Anthony Do

John Pfister
Barton Ching
John Tucker, AFSCME
Tracy Hemmeter

Bruce Cabral

Paul Pascoal
Faranak Mahdavi
Ananth Prasad
Chris Freitas

Jagdish Dadhania
Harry Yip


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